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Author: arief munada


Yahoo!in 1996
eBay in 1997
Google in 1998

Imagine if you had grabbed some shares in the beginning!!! you may find , and everything by just one portal, not only this - you will get 100 share by opening FREE account on this portal. Behind this all there is a team of some highend technicians, engineers, developers and think tanks of dot com world. Well...SQIPis now ranked in the most innovative concept, people are saying it should be a MEGA Revolution in vertual world.

See, the dot com gianst listed here are engaged in their core expertised services , businesses. They are very innovative to bring mass attentions amongst the online community:

eBay : World class an online workplace, where you can buy and bid anything you want
Google : The world No. 1 search engine

Yahoo! : Google's next rival, and world best messenger and e-mailing

Orkut and Facebook: Most popular social networking sites

Paypal : An e-mail payment system

Skype : International calling made easy and cheap

Now, see just what is to be happen in very short future.

eBay + Google + Yahoo! + Orkut + Paypal + Skype + much more

All in one

A MEGA Portal

that is

In recent past, some of high skilled techno people who early part of some of the best dot com portals spread a concept that, why don't we offer a portal with all those facility offered by above explained dot com giants? that means a portal which would to be design to give you all those pleasure while you surfeBay, Google, Yahoo!, Orkut,Paypal, Skypethat means a MEGA Portal - All in one.

Moreover they are also offering 100 shares, for those who will join it now, it is only a short term offer. also offeres you to share those financial benefits which never thought by others, that means you will earm some share of their revenue generated. There are all material inside to fall you in it's love, It is a win/win situation and obvious for free. You will get lot of pleasure while you surf it. REMEMBER, IT IS A REVOLUTIONARY STEP IN dot com WORLD, PEOPLE ARE SAYINGSQIPcom.comIS THE FUTURE....
You will experienced all this in one portal, that's the reson people start to calling it MEGA portal.
eCommerce, bidding or buying:

Searching :

emailing and messenger :

Social Networking :

instant payment : ( their owned )

international calling:

Let's first get your free 100 PEP ( Private Equity Points ), just by clicking the link below. Don't worry, it's just FREE of any charge by get login in the portal. You need any referrel link to get sign in, so don't miss to get a big treasure in your very short the link below

Listen Carefully, For a very short time you can get a 100 shares free when you open your Zero cost SQIP account. The sqip portal is “jam packed” with sites and features that are always no charge to use. GET THIS… SQIP advertising stakholders share all the earnings and benefits. SOME OF THE FREE PERKS OFSQIP ~ Unlimited no charge auctions and stores. ~ Biz networking- profile and find new business contacts ~ Social Bookmarking with: tracking, multimedia, favorites, sharing, feedback, ect. ~ Zero cost Dating: profile, in depth search, pictures, webcam, messaging, live chat, favorites, fans, privacy protection. ~ Zero cost email accounts.... ~ Selling B2B or B2C: no charge listings, catalogs, uploads, & more.... ~ Sqip messenger will blow away the competition: IM, voice/video, etc. ~SQIPAnswers ~ Back office: your referrals, stakeholder shares, & commissions ~ Earn commissions on referral purchases 5 levels deep ~ Sqips Towah Master Card...... I PERSONALY BELIEVES ON THIS ARE… I have nothing to lose by signing up, telling some friends, and waiting to see how things progress withSQIPI would even buy a few (not a lot right now) shares also (besides the 100 f.ree shares we get just for joining). If you agree with my thinking, you may want to join free and tell some friends. I’d advise NOT spending much (if any) money on "extra" shares yet, until they prove themselves. Certainly not more than you can afford to lose (just being very cautious and safe). I am not making any income guarantees as I have absolutely no idea what will happen here. For a very short time get 100 shares at NO Charge when you open your Zero costSQIPaccount today. Limited Time Offer. To Join Free and Get Your 100 SHARES Now,


PS :Make sure to "confirm" email they send you within 24 hours or you won't get the 100 free shares.