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Author: arief munada

Paid to review (PTR) program is a program where we will be paid every time we completed to do task that given to us with deadline time. Usually the ranged to completed the review job is between 1 until 7 days, depending on the advertiser it self. PTR is one of money-producing programs that favored by bloggers or advertiser to advertise their product. We can review very much products depends on what the product will be offered, such as electronics, business, travel, hotels, credit cards, website, golf clubs, etc.

One of the new Paid Review website online are LinkFromBlog. The rules is same with other paid review programs. That advertisers put their products to LinkFromBlog, then bloggers will write a review about their product and publish it on their blog. To follow this program you must follow all the rules that have been determined. For making review, usually the word that required to use is 100 words to 600 words each article review, but it certainly depends on the advertiser request.

LinkFromBlog can be one of the alternative for paid review. I fully recommend you to join this program. Because this program has more advantages than other PTR such as give bonus for every complete activation blog into LinkFromBlog. Even when you give report on any “bug”, you will get bonus. To learn more you can visit LinkFromBlog.

So what you waiting for? try to join at for getting income from your blog.
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