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Author: arief munada

When was the last time you heard someone thank you for smoking? I'm guessing that most smokers have never heard this from anyone. Of course, you know why you have not been thanked for smoking though. Your loved ones, your family, your friends do care about your wellbeing.

Ok, I hear you. I am a smoker too and just like you I am so weary of hearing the repetitious lectures of why I should quit and how smoking is going to destroy me. The trouble is, I enjoy smoking. I have to have the same opinion with my non smoking friends, family and loved ones though. I am not fond of the side effects of smoking. All I want is to smoke something healthy, something I can take pleasure in, smoke anyplace and anytime I want to without it affecting me or anyone around me and for one time I would like to hear somebody, anybody tell me, thank you for smoking.

Now doesn't that have a pleasant sound to it? Thank you for smoking. How in the world can us smokers ever hear that declaration? Well, I can't assure you that we, as smokers, will ever hear someone say, thank you for smoking but, I believe we can make our smoking more suitable in our own homes and in our communities.

What if I told you that you didn't have to quit smoking? And what if I told you that you would have your selection of more flavors than you could ever envision? What if I told you that this cigarette does not have any tar, tabacco and no chemicals? Now think about this, what if I told you that this cigarette has no odors, no secondhand smoke, and no ashes? But, hang around, what if I also told you that this cigarette will cost less, you can smoke it anywhere and everywhere, its healthy and you'll get pleasure from this cigarette more than the cigarette you are currently smoking?
With that said, I would like to report to you that thousands of smokers from all around the world are switching to electronic cigarettes, also called e-cigs and e-cigarettes. I am one of those thousands of smokers who have made the transition from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes and it was very simple for me to switch. There are entirely no withdrawal symptoms and let me tell you why. You still can obtain the nicotine which is why smokers smoke. You indicate which nicotine amount you need, high-med-low or no nicotine. In spite of this, what you don't receive in an electronic cigarette are all the cancer causing chemicals you get in ordinary cigarettes. Just in case you didn't realize, nicotine does not bring about cancer. (Do a search on nicotine and you will learn that nicotine does not cause cancer.)

So, what does this suggest? Well, lets think about this for a moment. You could literally quit smoking without giving up the actions of smoking. If you get pleasure from holding a cigarette, inhaling a cigarette, you still can smoke without smoking any chemicals at all and you can do it nicotine free by weaning yourself off. Now, how is that for baking your cake and eating it too? Without further ado, from one smoker to another, I want to thank you for smoking, but this time I want to state, thank you for smoking healthy.