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Author: arief munada

Google Adsense is a program for webmasters and bloggers that delivers ads on yours sites and blogs. Ads are text links or banners , and they are pay-per-click. Webmasters and Bloggers get revenue from each click on ad, that a visitors made. Google Adsense is not only one ads program on the Internet, but it is the biggest. Here is the 5 best alternatives to Google Adsense. All of them are pay-per-click, and in some cases are better than Adsense.

Bidvertiser is a second-tier pay-per-click program and a good alternative for webmasters who want to diversify their portfolio. Bidvertiser will always display the highest bidders on your site, assuring the maximum revenue possible at any given time.
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AdBrite :
AdBrite powers the world's most trusted and transparent marketplace for digital advertising. Rather than selling books, CDs, or rare antiques, they sell ad space on thousands of websites. So whether you are an advertiser looking for the right space to place your ad, or a publisher looking for a simple, yet powerful way to make money and sell ad space on your site, AdBrite is your marketplace.
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WidgetBucks is a pay-per-click program that differentiates itself from most other similar programs by its dynamic look. As opposed to most pay-per-click programs that show text ads, WidgetBucks shows graphics and is pretty nice looking. Another major claim made by WidgetBucks is that their CPM ratio is $3-$6 compared to $2 for most other traditional networks.
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Great program , but is not for beginners. They have a very high requirement
Clicksor uses Contextual Advertising technology to maximize advertising spending by displaying advertisements only on relevant web pages. Clicksor will pay publishers up to 70% of the advertising clicks revenues generated from their websites. Clicksor provides online real time stats and a bi-weekly (NET 15) payment schedule. In any pay period in which your earnings exceed $50.00, payments are made either by check or instantly through PayPal.

Yahoo Publisher Network :
The Yahoo Publisher Network is the second most popular pay-per-click program on the Web, but still is in beta version. The Ad Page must be in English or Spanish. One good side is that clicks cost more than Google Adsense. But other bad side of this program is that accept only US publishers, because of that i put it to a last positio