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Author: arief munada

BidVertiser, a site-targeted pay per click advertising network, has now entered the RSS market by offering web publishers a new way to monetize their RSS/ATOM feeds - BidVertiser Ads for Feeds. The huge growth of RSS feeds, empowered by the growth of blogging, created the demand for new ways to monetize RSS feeds. Hundreds if not thousands of debates through the blogsphere confronted those supporting full feeds with those supporting partial feeds, and it always ends in the question how can one monetize his feeds.

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By using BidVertiser Ads for Feeds, web publishers are now able to display site-targeted ads in their feeds and get paid on a pay-per-click basis, using the same powerful ad serving technology that is being used by tens of thousands of publishers to monetize their web pages. As an added benefit, participating publishers get access to BidVertiser's multiple-subscription Feed Widgets that will help them publicize their new feed. All Feed Widget are designed for quick and easy integration with all of the popular blog platforms.

Current publishers can simply login to their account and register their feed as a new BidVertiser spot. New publishers can open a new publisher account by clicking here. Detailed instruction for web publisher can be found in the BidVertiser Blog.

"You can't start to monetize your feeds too soon," said Moni Shabtay, BidVertiser's CFO. "The huge growth of RSS makes feed monetization as important and effective as website monetization."

About BidVertiser:
BidVertiser runs a pay per click advertising network, serving billions of ads per month on tens of thousands of websites. BidVertiser offers web publishers with the ability to sell their ad space, automatically, to the highest bidder, on a pay-per-click basis. Advertisers can place ads directly on sites of their choice and pay only when a visitor clicks-through to their site, as well as geo-target their ads.

BidVertiser serves text ads in all types of standard ad units as well as allowing eBay advertisers to create ads for their listings automatically (as an eBay Compatible Application) and now, with the added support for RSS/ATOM feeds, BidVertiser opens a new way for publishers to monetize their online ventures.

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