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Author: arief munada

Hi buddies,
Is this a good news for you? I've got paid for the first month from this site.
Here is how you can earn:
After you sign up, they ask you to set their page as homepage and install a search box.Everyday, when you search once, you will earn up to 3p. How much you can earn depends on where you live. I earned 1.5p per search. So, if you search 40 times per day, how much you will earn a month? It's very easy, right?
In addition, when you refer friends, you will earn more. They offer 4 referral levels: 50%, 10%, 5% and 2.5%.
If you are interested, sign up and start searching. But remember: Just search as usual, don't just search in order to generate big revenue. It will end up cheating yourself.
If you want to thank me, just sign up under me. Here is the link: Sign up here.
Otherwise, sign up here.
Don't ask me for payment proof. I've never worked for scam sites.
Happy searching!