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SelfBank Financial Inc. is an integrated marketing services company that is primarily focused on Financial Intelligence. SBF gives its member's unrivalled opportunities to improve their lives through access to exclusive educational programs, consumer


PRLog (Press Release)Jul 28, 2008 – The SelfBank Account is a revolutionary approach to common banking and payment practices, a new era in financial intelligence, the world's first banking platform that is truly personal and social. It is the cutting edge of technology and SBF is the first to integrate your mobile phone, social networking, loyalty, and social entrepreneurship into a banking and payment platform.

Transactions made from your SelfBank Account are in real-time and funds are transferred to and from your account instantaneously and securely. It's for people on the move. The SelfBank Account, with its enhanced patented digital security, authentication and processing features, enables banked and un-banked mobile phone users worldwide to conduct bill payments, mobile banking, person-to-person transfers (p2p) and make retail purchases with their cell phones.

The SelfBank Account is designed to integrate with credit cards, debit cards (interac), stored value cards and your current bank account for funding of mobile payments such as mobile banking, bill payment, m-Commerce and other payment related services.

It also integrates this into any Social Network platform, allowing you to leverage your FaceBook and MySpace, into your everyday banking and shopping activities. Meet Franklin, the world's first Social Network Application that seamlessly integrates your social and banking activities into one platform, is where you truly will have friends with benefits!

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