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Author: arief munada

LinkWorth is a network for Search Engine Marketing. Basically, you can sell and buy links here. LinkWorth is not limited to links only, there are many more products (lots of them).

Lets have a look at Products:

  1. LinkAds: LinkAds are ads like GoogleAdSense with only difference is that they are linked directly to advertiser’s website and hence are SEO friendly(for advertiser)
  2. LinkWords: These are text link pay per click ads. You have to place code on your blog and after that, LinkWorth automatically recognizes related keywords and double underlines them. When the visitor’s mouse is hovered over them, a small pop up appears that contains actual ad. These may be distracting, so use with care!
  3. LinkInTxt: Same as LinkWords expect there are no popups and links are direct.
  4. LinkPost: You write a post about advertiser and if accepted, you get paid.
  5. LinkBB: “LinkBBs are internet billboards. An advertiser writes a page of content with links to their products and services. Once you approve the content, the content page is hosted as a page on your website, complete with your template.” LinkWorth WebSite.
  6. LinkSURA: Single URL Rotating Ads. Basically, the links remain same, just anchor text changes!
  7. LinkMURA: Multi URL Rotating Ads. The links are rotated so that you get maximum revenue.
  8. LinkPack: Lets you bundle multiple website as a package and make more revenue while doing less management.
  9. LinkDIR: LinkWorth’s Directory submission service. They will manually submit your site to multiple directories for one time fee.
  10. LinkART: LinkWorth’s Article submission service. They will submit your articles to directories manually. You can also get optimized articles from their team.
  11. LinkPress: Their Press Release service.

Once you sign up, you will have to wait before your blog site is approved. Once approved, it is listed in their marketplace.

They also offer some good tools that can help bloggers.

  1. Meta Tag Generator: Meta Tags are important in Search Engine Optimisation. Search engines, especially MSN Live, pay attention to keywords.
  2. Keyword Density: This is another major factor in Search engine optimisation. This tool counts the keyword density of your pages.
  3. SE Position Tool: Tells where you stand in major search engines for a given keyword.
  4. Site Link Tool: Lets you see external and internal links of your site.
  5. LinkQuote: Tells you the price you should charge for links.

Payout: They do a 70:30 split of your earnings. You get 70% and they get 30%. You can get paid via PayPal at $25, Check($100), Bank To Bank Wires($100) and Direct Deposit in your bank account($100).

Text Links are paid well and if you are looking to increase earnings, you should go and sign up for a LinkWorth account.